Personalized Puppy Training for Quick Relief Now


…and a great companion for a lifetime!

Puppies are awfully cute, but they’re also awfully exhausting. All that energy! Not to mention their sharp little teeth and tiny bladders. Oh, and no clue what “sit” or “stay” or “come” might mean. Too bad puppies don’t come pre-programmed. But since they don’t, let’s get training.

Two Ways to Get the Job Done

 There are two ways to tackle your puppy training goals:

Take the Leash:
You Train

I teach you to train your puppy.
  1. We get together for weekly sessions in your home and out and about (your neighborhood, busy streets, etc.) for a puppy who’s ready for real life
  2. I show you the tricks of the training trade, with a focus on socialization and manners
  3. You do the training homework during the week
  4. I support you along the way via email and phone for optimal results
Take the Leash Perks
  • Written follow up after each session
  • Daily email access
  • Guaranteed weekly spot
Perfect for you if:

You’re actively interested in puppy training and have some time to spare

Fees & Process

We’ll start with an initial consult, then customize a puppy training package specific to your needs and goals. Training is $200/hour. Larger packages discounted.

Hand Over the Leash:
I Train For You

I train your puppy for you.
  1. I work with your pup 3 or 5 times per week in your home and out and about for a puppy who’s ready for real life
  2. We meet once per week to transfer my training results to you
  3. You enjoy a well-behaved pup now and a well-adjusted dog for a lifetime
Hand Over the Leash Perks
  • Weekly video of training sessions
  • Prepped and stuffed Kongs and work-to-eat toys: One left with your best friend after each training session, and more left in the freezer for you to use to keep your pup gainfully employed in the evening
  • Cleaned water and food bowls
  • Daily potty break as part of each training session—great for faster housetraining
  • Peace of mind of knowing progress is being made while you’re at work!
  • Extensive socialization to help your puppy grow up into an easy-going, unflappable adult companion
Perfect for you if:

You’re as busy as most of my clients and want quick relief without all the work

Fees & Process

We’ll start with an initial consult, then customize a training package specific to your needs and goals. Training is $200/hour. Larger packages discounted.

Positive Training for Positive Results

Whichever puppy training package you choose, you can be sure we’ll be using only the most positive, humane, scientifically sound training approaches with your puppy.

Relief and results are on the way!

Whether you choose to train your puppy or have me do it for you, we’ll tackle puppy problem behaviors, lay a foundation to prevent future ones, and teach your puppy her basic manners. Your customized puppy training package might include:

Behavior Relief
  • House or potty training
  • Biting you and your clothes
  • Chewing on the wrong things
  • Barking
  • Jumping
Problem Prevention
  • Crate and alone time training
  • Love of grooming (brushing, etc.)
  • Love of nail clipping, ear cleaning, pilling, eye drops, etc.
  • Love of sharing (protect against food and toy aggression)
  • Socialization for an easy-going dog
Basic Manners
  • Sit and down
  • Relax on your dog bed
  • Attention
  • Recall (“Come”)
  • Leave it & Drop it
  • Nice leash walking

Let’s Get Started: 2 Steps to Reach Your Puppy Training Goals

Step 1: Your Puppy Prep Consult

I’d love to work with you. If you feel I’m the right puppy trainer for you, the first step is your Puppy Prep Consult.

I’ll come to your home for your convenience. I’ll take a history, meet your pup, and listen to your training goals and support needs. Then we’ll formulate a personalized plan and schedule your training. And I won’t leave before we’ve started some foundation exercises, answered your pressing questions, and put a management plan in place for some immediate relief.

2 hours: $400

Step 2: Your Customized Training Package

Your personalized training plan will be just that: personalized. We’ll create a plan specific to your goals and your busy lifestyle.

Take the Leash sessions: $200 for 60 minutes
Hand Over the Leash sessions: $200 for 60 minutes

Don’t have your puppy yet?

Terrific! Let’s get you set up now to hit the ground running when your new bundle of furry energy arrives. I can even help you choose the perfect puppy for your household.

$200 for 60 minutes

Why Hand Me the Leash?

Most of my clients choose to Hand Over The Leash and have me do their training for them. And it’s no wonder: New Yorkers have unique work demands and commute challenges. We’re busy people. Adding daily puppy training practice sessions to an already over-burdened schedule often just isn’t feasible.

Here are the advantages of letting me train for you:

Faster results

Stronger, more lasting results

Progress while you work

Peace of mind

Better socialization—for a better adult companion

What is socialization…

Simply put, socialization is the process of teaching a puppy that her world is safe. That strangers are cool. That dogs come in all shapes and sizes and that they’re cool, too. That noisy New York streets are nothing to fear. That new experiences are fun.

…and why does it matter so much?

Puppies who aren’t properly socialized are much more likely to become adult dogs with behavior problems: Fearful dogs who bark and lunge at people and dogs. Or who hide behind their owners or balk at being taken for a walk.

A well-socialized pup is more likely to grow up into one of those dogs everyone wishes they had: Calm, cool, and collected. Easy-going and friendly. Up for anything and fazed by nothing.

If you’re too busy to get your puppy out every day, I strongly recommend choosing one of my Hand Over the Leash packages so I can help get your pup’s socialization done for you. There is no more important element of puppy training.

Check out this blog post to learn more about socialization and its long-term impact on life with your dog.

I want to see your puppy become the dog of your dreams.

That’s why I stay up on all the latest scientific developments in dog training and behavior. A lot rides on proper puppy training and socialization—the next 15 years of life with your dog, in fact. I take that responsibility seriously while looking to make training a blast for you and your pup. Read more about my credentials and training approach.

Ready for a new leash on your puppy’s behavior?

I’m looking forward to working with you!

What my clients have to say (Thanks, Lynn, Gina & Emily!)

Let me start out by saying Lauren is the BEST trainer you could get in NYC. First off she treats your pup as if it were her own. Secondly, she does everything she can to take care of YOU. She trained me as well as the pup and helped to educate, provide resources and helped with any of my needs. Her energy is positive, kind and loving. It's amazing what she was able to do in training. Having a puppy is not easy, but Lauren made it so much easier! She was there whenever I needed her and she sent me detailed notes via email after every training, along with pictures and videos. In panicked moments she replied quickly by text. Thank you, Lauren!

—Lynn Newman

Lauren is working with our French Bulldog puppy. We saw a difference fast and people all over the neighborhood stopped to tell us how wonderful Lauren was with our Willie! The puppy program is perfect for your puppy before he or she has had all of the needed shots. Lauren treated our dog as if he was her own.

—Gina A.

Lauren is incredible! She came to help teach us to train our first puppy, Tess, and we could not have found a better trainer. She is knowledgable and so passionate about the dogs—you can tell she genuinely cares about building a meaningful relationship with the parents and pup. Right off the bat we knew we made the right decision to have her train us and our puppy. I don't know what we would have done without her! If you are looking for a trainer, look no further than Lauren's Leash!

—Emily Schenk

Private puppy training for New York City: Midtown East, Beekman Place, Sutton Place, Midtown, Tudor City, Upper East Side, Yorkville, Turtle Bay, Lennox Hill